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MYSA is committed to advancing the needs, interests and concerns of multicultural young people at both a state and national level. This is achieved by reflecting the qualities of good leadership including vision, innovation, inspiration, adaptability, wisdom, competence, communication, self-evaluation and confidence.

Our approach integrates the following activities:

  • 1Having young people at the centre
  • 2Providing direct support to young people
  • 3Assisting local communities and social infrastructure
  • 4Leading research and innovation
  • 5Supporting the community services sector
  • 6Tackling the challenges for youth at risk head on
  • 7Advocating for change


A community where all young people are equipped with the resources and opportunities to fully participate in social, cultural, economic and political life.

Advancing the interests of young people
Delivering quality in service
Producing meaningful outcomes
Engaging & collaborating with the community
Driving change to improve the wellbeing of young people
Promoting positive awareness of our multicultural youth
Care + qualifications = success

Strategic plan

Strategic Plan 2017-2021

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