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MYSA recognises the importance of providing leadership and supporting emerging communities to work together with young people.

MYSA's commitment to strengthening the role and involvement of new and emerging communities in supporting young people takes form largely through the Multicultural Youth Development Fund.

MYSA administers the South Australian Multicultural Youth Development Fund (MYDF) on behalf of the Department of Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSI). The MYDF is a community grants scheme that provides one-off project funding to newly arrived multicultural youth and community groups for youth development and capacity building projects.

Over the past five years, approximately $170,000 has been distributed to newly arrived youth and community groups.

The MYDF is the first of its kind in Australia. Successful applicants are provided with free project and grants management training to support their projects and equip them with the resources to go on to apply for future funding through other grants schemes.

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South Australian Multicultural Youth Development Fund (MYDF)
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Some successful projects have included:

Burundian youth drumming and dance project

Funded in 2007, the Burundian drumming group is now generating enough funds from cultural performances to continue running youth programs that teach other young people the art of Burundian drumming.

Muslim Girls Collective

Funded in 2009, this leadership program has produced inspirational young leaders who have gone on to represent their communities in a range of national and international forums including the UN Conference in Geneva.

Karawaan Afghan Youth Radio Program

Funded in 2011, this group of radio presenters have received awards for their outstanding contribution to the community.

We have a great Radio Program through which we can connect and share with other young people of Bhutanese community not only in Adelaide but Globally. We could not have learned such skills and gone so far without the support from MYSA - We proudly say - Dhanyabaad MYSA.

Cultural and Bilingual Consultants (CBCs)

Cultural and Bilingual Consultants (CBCs) have been trained by MYSA to undertake a support role to the mainstream sector including information, advice and participation in cultural awareness training programs.

All CBCs receive comprehensive leadership training and mandatory notification training.CBCs are available for a range of activities including speaking engagements, research participation, consultations, conference panellists and campaign participants. However, MYSA encourages that they be remunerated for their time and expertise through out-of-pocket expenses or honorariums.

Sierra Leone

To request a CBC for an activity or event, or to express interest in becoming a CBC, please click here.