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The terms "at risk" and "vulnerable" are often used so broadly that almost any child or young person could qualify as being "at risk" or "vulnerable". Moreover, such definitions often appear to be based on mainstream realities, overlooking the unique factors that contribute to risk and vulnerability among those from diverse cultural backgrounds.
The terms "at risk" and "vulnerable" are used by MYSA to refer to the following groups:

  • Children/youth with a history of trauma
  • Children/youth experiencing parental abuse and neglect
  • Unaccompanied humanitarian minors
  • Youth who have lost or become separated from their families
  • Young asylum seekers
  • Homeless children/youth and those at risk of becoming homeless
  • Teenage mothers and young parents at risk
  • Children/youth with social, behavioural and mental health problems
  • Children/youth with drug and alcohol problems
  • Children/youth who have disengaged from school, family and community

MYSA's settlement work with multicultural youth includes:

Casework and case management
A central point for the sector to refer vulnerable and at risk clients
Outreach (including street work)
Housing program
Life skills program
Role modelling and mentoring
Sector support and capacity building

Program outcomes are achieved using a multi-pronged, integrated youth development approach that includes:

  1. Individualised and intensive case management support including outreach and streetwork;
  2. Group education and training programs including life skills development and mentoring;
  3. Social, cultural, sporting, recreation and other community activities and;
  4. Support for young families and parents with high and complex needs.