Driving YOUth

Driving YOUth

Driving Youth to Employment

MYSA’s driving YOUth Learner Driver Program is about giving young Muslim and refugee women the opportunity to learn to drive and gain employment.

The program gives participants access to a qualified driving instructor for the first 5 – 7 lessons then a qualified supervising volunteer driver so participants can gain the required number of driving hours and experience to complete their log books and obtain their driver’s licence. Upon successfully getting their licence, MYSA guarantees work placement.

MYSA believes that having a driver’s licence offers young Muslim women enhanced employment opportunities, access to education and employment programs, the ability to access appointments, community services, community connectedness and independent living skills.

Who Is Eligible?

Driving YOUth to Employment is open to young Muslim women and young women under the age of 35 from refugee backgrounds who have experienced intimate partner/family violence. Priority for the program is given to young women classified as 'Stream C' by Jobactive providers and those linked with disability Employment Services (DES) provider, who have the capacity to drive, though each application will be assessed individually.

Applicants will have already obtained their South Australia Learners Permit.

The Program Outline

The program participants will receive up to 7, 45 minute to 1 hour lessons with a qualified female Motor Driving Instructor (MDI). After participants have been signed off as competent by the MDI, they will be matched with a fully licenced MYSA Driving YOUth Program volunteer.

Using the specifically modified MYSA vehicle the learners and their volunteer supervisors will go driving to achieve the required number of hours of driving practice including night driving. Learners receive a minimum of 2 lessons per week from MYSA. Leaner drivers under 25 years of age must hold their licence for a minimum of 12 months before progressing to the Pi licence.

MYSA pays for all expenses including; MD lessons, final driving assessment, and 12 month Pi licence. All we ask is that the learner pay a small fee of $10 for each driving session.

After obtaining their P licence, MYSA guarantees all participants 6 months full-time employment or 12 of part-time employment, along with continued work placement support from MYSA.


Participants who complete the MYSA Driving YOUth to Employment will achieve:

Provisional (P1) South Australia driving licence. Experience and confidence driving a vehicle. Direct employment opportunities - each graduate is guaranteed six months full time employment or 12 months part time employment for students. Ongoing support to ensure retention in employment.

Volunteer Driving Supervisor Position

MYSA are seeking people to volunteer as a driving supervisor. For more information and to apply, download the form below.

28 Hindley St,

Adelaide SA 5000

Any questions? Send us an email at kirsty@mysa.com.au