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MYSA is widely recognised as a national leader in multicultural youth issues. Our core activities include:

  • Providing direct support and emergency relief to the most vulnerable multicultural children and young people in our state.
  • Providing policy and program advice to state and national government decision-makers to address the needs of multicultural children and young people.
  • Facilitating and encouraging strong partnerships and information exchange across and between service sectors and agencies to improve the type, nature and level of support provided to vulnerable children and young people.
  • Identifying and mobilising human and financial resources to respond to needs of children and young people.
  • Developing and building the capacity of the government and non-government community services sectors to respond more effectively to the needs of children and young people through training, resource development, joint projects and initiatives, information, advice and support.
  • Engaging in an ongoing process of self-assessment and evaluation to ensure effective leadership and continuous learning and improvement.

As a not for profit and Public Benevolent Institution (PBI), MYSA relies on government funding and the generosity of the community to volunteer their time or make financial donations.